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Brent has been selling some of the TOP Brands for the past 20+ years.   He has been to conventions in almost every state in the USA.   Brent has organized a sales group and we cover the USA, We have access to just about any brand and also some Exclusive Brands that only we can sell.   We have something for every budget, email or call us for more info.

No Frills Website

Our website is plain and simple.  IF we  had a fancy uniform builder, you'd be paying much more.  Because we sell various brands, you'll likely want to design those on their sites.  So contact us and we'll get you the best deal around, or just make one specific to your needs.

Best Deals !!!!

We sell uniforms for every sport, and everything is on Sale.

Football Promos -  we'll make one specifically for you.

This is High School ABC's FOOTBALL Promo:  

40 players @ $300 each = $12,000

40 home jerseys & pants

40 away jerseys & pants

40 compression shirts & shorts

+ 400 Sublimated Polo Shirts

Sell the 400 Polo Shirts for $30 and you just

made $12,000  

After you sell the Polos, your order is FREE

Everything is on Sale!

This was what this school wanted, yours may be different.

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You will not find a better deal.

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